Service opportunities you may not know about.

Our general service area represents the bridge between the groups of South Eastern NY (SENY) and the rest of our beloved fellowship. Without this connection, we would have no way to participate in AA's wider decision-making and service structure. This connective tissue, however, is not only large-scale "business meetings". There are a wealth of service opportunities beyond the group level that you may not know about. We hope you discover some here that inspire you to get involved.

To learn more or get involved with any project, click the buttons below. It will trigger an email so you can introduce yourself to the right trusted servant. They'd love to hear from you!

Accessibility/Special Needs

  • Coordinate workshops to educate AA members on serving those with diverse needs.

  • Help improve the accuracy of the wheelchair-accessible designations in meeting lists.

  • Bring a meeting to a homebound or hospitalized member.

  • Speak about AA at schools for the blind, the deaf, and developmentally disabled.


  • Collect, catalogue and preserve our history.

  • Display our archives at AA events.

  • Check out the SENY Archives website at

Cooperation with Professionals

  • Speak about AA to professionals who have contact with alcoholics (school counselors, judges, social workers, clergy, etc).

  • Get training (and help train others) on how to speak at non-AA meetings.

  • Spend time with a doctor and bring them to an open meeting to help them understand AA.


  • Help bring a meeting into a correctional facility.

  • Help make AA literature available in correctional facilities.

  • Correspond with inmates reaching out for help.

  • Take an inmate to a meeting when they're released.

General Service Representative

The General Service Representative is perhaps the most important role in AA. If your group doesn't have a GSR already, consider bringing it up at your next business meeting. It is through the GSR that each group has a voice and a vote in larger AA matters. This connection helps keep AA unified, both in a practical sense and spiritually. We wouldn't last long as a fellowship if it weren't for the service of GSRs.

The Link (Our Print Newsletter)

  • Contribute an article to our Area's print newsletter, which is published ten times per year in both English & Spanish.

  • Be a part of the editorial team that reviews article submissions.

  • Help with layout and graphic design.

  • Help with distribution to make sure The Link is available to all the groups of South Eastern NY.

Literature (incl. Grapevine + La Viña)

  • Make AA literature available at events within SENY.

  • Raise awareness within SENY about the Grapevine/La Viña (our "meeting-in-print") as a tool of recovery.

  • Encourage members to contribute to the Grapevine/La Viña.

Public Information

  • Speak to high school and college students about AA.

  • Make sure AA literature is available in public libraries (the Big Book is stolen more than any other book!).

  • Coordinate informational outreach like radio PSAs.

  • Speak about AA at workshops for the public, or at health fairs.

SENY Convention

The 2018 SENY Convention is held in late March and provides meetings and workshops on recovery, unity and service as well as an atmosphere for all participants to have fun and fellowship.

Information about service opportunities for the 2018 SENY Convention will be available soon.


  • Help translate the written materials of the Area, so AA groups and members remain informed regardless of their language.

  • Help translate during service meetings and other events so everyone can participate.

Treatment Facilities

  • Help bring a meeting or literature into treatment facilities, like rehabs, detoxes, outpatient centers, and hospitals.

  • Bring people who have finished treatment to a meeting when they get out.


  • Help with web & graphic design.

  • Help with custom coding in Squarespace & Wordpress environments.

  • Help with copy writing & content management.