In order to assure the orderly and effective conduct of necessary business, AA service groups need an agreed-upon structure for running meetings. 

In SENY, we have agreed to follow an amended form of the guidelines or procedures followed by the General Service Conference (US/Canada). (A copy of the "Conference Procedures" is attached below. SENY disregards the first two items concerning the "Conference Quorum" and the "Committee System" since our Articles of Association already define a quorum, and we have a somewhat difference process concerning bringing business before the Area's Committee or Assembly.) Under these procedures major decisions (matters of conscience and policy) seek a 2/3 majority agreement of the meeting rather than a simple majority, thereby reflecting "substantial unanimity" on any question.

For more on Rules of Order, see the handouts below: "Conference Prodedures" and "Rules of Order: How We Run Our Meetings" (written to support the Area's discussion prior to deciding on its rules of order). Further information can be found in the SENY Service Handbook, page 58.


  Conference Procedures  (Filesize: 1507 Kb)
GSC Procedures adopted by SENY grounding its Rules of Order.

  Suggested SENY Rules of Order in pdf.  (Filesize: 10 Kb)
Suggested SENY Rules of Order in pdf.

  Rules of Order  (Filesize: 218 Kb)
"Rules of Order: How We Run Our Meetings"

  Rules of Order in Brief  (Filesize: 38 Kb)
"Rules of Order in Brief," an abbreviated version of "Rules of Order: How We Run Our Meetings"