Thank you for your service!

The General Service Representative (GSR) is perhaps the most important role in AA. It is through their GSR that each group has a voice and a vote in larger AA matters. This connection helps keep AA unified, both in a practical sense and spiritually. We wouldn't last long as a fellowship if it weren't for the service of GSRs such as yourself.

For new GSRs, the learning curve can feel steep. Spending most of your Saturday at an Area Assembly (more on that below), for example, can feel like a waste of time if you don't know what's going on. This page is dedicated to covering the basics of what you need to know so your time will be well-spent and your group will be well-represented.

Service sponsorship: your secret weapon

Hopefully you already have a sponsor who gives you guidance on the 12 Steps. There are also sponsors who can offer guidance on your AA service commitments! Generally it is someone who has a working knowledge of the 12 Traditions & Concepts, in addition to the 12 Steps. Ideally they should also have some experience with the level of service you're involved in (group, district, county, area, etc). To learn more, see pages 25-27 in "Questions and Answers on Sponsorship".

A service sponsor is an especially valuable resource if you're involved in service beyond the group level, like a GSR.

In SENY, we have a Service Sponsorship Chair, Sally B. If you need help finding a service sponsor, or have any questions, she's happy to help. You should also reach out to her if you want to be added to her list of available service sponsors.

Keeping Your Group's Info Up-To-Date

Making sure you and your group are registered with up-to-date information is the first thing to do as a new GSR. The easiest way to do that is through our Area Registrar, and separately through your county's Registrar. Our Area Registrar will make sure the info makes it to the General Service Office. Click the button below for the Area form and contact info for your county's Registrar.

Meeting Schedule for GSRs

Over the course of their two-year term, GSRs are encouraged to attend Area Assemblies, their county general service meeting, their district meeting, and of course their home group's business meeting. To find out the schedule of your county and district meetings, visit your county's general service site or email your county's chairperson (both linked to in "About SENY"). Below is a link to learn more about upcoming meetings. 

Click here to check out the Events Calendar for GSR related events. 

Additional Resources

Here's some additional reading material you can check out over time. Your service sponsor (they're great!) can probably recommend where it makes sense to start based on your current commitment.