1. Attends the General Service Conference prepared.
2. Transmits Conference information to the committee members and inspires them to pass it on to all AA members in the districts; passes along communications and requests from AAWS/Grapevine of possible interest to the membership.
3. Attends area, state and regional service meetings.
4. Attends conventions and gatherings held by the state and the region.
5. Helps the committees obtain the financial support that the area and GSO need.
6. Reminds GSRs to tell the groups and individuals about the AA Grapevine/La Viña and Conference-approved books and pamphlets.
7. Cooperates with the GSO in obtaining information.
8. Reminds everyone that the GSO is an information center on AA matters.
9. Tries to resolve local problems involving traditions.
10. Visits groups and districts in the area whenever possible.
11. Assumes added responsibility if the area chair is unable to serve.
12. Works closely with committee officers, sharing experience throughout the year.
13. Keeps the alternate delegate fully informed, using the alternate’s help wherever possible so the alternate can replace the delegate in an emergency.
14. Late in the second year, works with the newly elected delegate to pass along a basic knowledge of Conference procedures and problems.
15. Maintains communication during the year with the GSO.
16. Shows any of the AA filmstrips or videos upon request of any group, county, or district meeting.
17. Signs contracts and any similar documents on behalf of the area.