If you are not behind bars, you have all kinds of opportunity . . .

Pre-release Contact  

Between prison and AA exists a bridge, fairly similar to what the treatment facilities network calls “Bridging The Gap.” Different from “Bridging The Gap,” in that it is for prison inmates rather than treatment patients, “Prerelease Contact” helps former inmates find the right kind of fellowship within 48 hours of release from prison. This is a Twelvestep Call in the classic sense, whereby two members of AA go to meet a third, and bring that newcomer into the fold. If you add your name and number to a roster of volunteers, we may contact you when someone will be looking for a connection in your vicinity.  


GSO pairs up incarcerated AA members with AA members on the "outside", so they can exchange their experience, strength, and hope through the mail. Sometimes this even develops into sponsorship. Currently male inmates have to wait three years before we have an outside AA member to pair them with. Please step up! And if you're concerned about using your home address, you can use our Area PO Box and we'll forward the mail to you.


For more information on any of these programs within Southeastern New York, feel free to contact the SENY Corrections Chair by email or post.

Corrections Committee

Bowling Green Station

P.O. Box 1402

New York, NY 10274


Please include the following information if you’re ready to get started.

 • Your full name (you can use a pseudonym if you want)

 • Whether you identify as male or female (there are no other options on the form)

 • Availability for Prerelease Contact (none, by neighborhood or by borough)

 • The number of inmates with whom you can have correspondence (0-3)

 • Your address (if you don’t want to reveal your home address, you can have it routed through SENY’s PO Box, same as above)

 • Phone # (only used by GSO & SENY, not revealed to the inmates)

 • Email address (only used by GSO & SENY, not revealed to the inmates)