Delegate's Questionnaire

The Delegate's day of sharing Will be held March 4th 2017 @ St. Patrick's school in Brooklyn. 

There will be presentations of General Service Conference agenda items listed on the Delegate's Questionnaire. The Delegate's Questionnaire is your group's chance to participate in the fellowship wide decision making of AA! Come and get informed!

This event is especially recommended for GSR's. Click the button below for more details.

NERAASA - Feb. 24 - 26

Don't miss out on some of the most interesting discussions you'll ever hear in AA service. Start planning your weekend in Farmingham, MA.

The Northeast Regional AA Service Assembly brings together thousands of fellow AAs to collectively learn about the background material for the upcoming General Service Conference agenda. Be part of conversations that will help inform decisions affecting all of the US & Canada!


SENY Convention - March 24 - 26

Our biggest annual event is being held at a new, exciting venue for the first time in many years! Our theme is the same as the General Service Conference: "Supporting Our Future". Be sure to register for the weekend, book a hotel room if you'll be staying over, and grab a banquet ticket to chow down with friends.


Get connected. Stay connected.

On September 17, We Elected a new Area Service Panel effective January 1, 2017Learn more about How We do this.

Delegate - John W. from Manhattan

Alternate Delegate - Manny A. from Queens

Chair - Jane E. from Suffolk

Treasurer - Michelle G. from Westchester

Registrar - Fred M. from Brooklyn


Area 49 is South Eastern New York’s connection to AA’s general service structure.

It’s how local groups participate in the decision-making for AA as a whole, and help carry AA’s message in ways that would not otherwise be possible. 

if you're here for another reason, we may still be able to help:

  • Are you a professional looking to bring in an AA speaker or literature? Let us know.

  • Are you looking for help with a drinking problem? Learn more.

  • Are you outside SENY (north of Orange, Putnam, or Sullivan)? Visit


We'll Email You About 2-3 Times Per Month With What The Area Is Up To.

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Also, don't forget, The Link is a regular update of goings-on for all General Service Representatives.


Exciting Service Projects you May Not know about.


7th Tradition contributions can now be made To the Area online.