Delegate’s Questionnaire, 67th General Service Conference, 2017

Thanks to all the groups that participated. The submission is now closed as of April 9th. 

The General Service Conference was established to maintain a link among all AA groups, and to help AA effectively and consistently carry its message in ways impossible for local groups to do, yet important to the fellowship. At its heart is the communication through GSR’s and other elected representatives to the area’s Delegate who in turn represents the area’s conscience and spirit of service on questions and issues before the Conference.  The following questionnaire is based on the final agenda of the upcoming Conference.

At the Delegate’s Day of Sharing, March 4th in Brooklyn, and at county level General Service meetings, we will provide additional background information and discussion which should be helpful to your group’s consideration of the questionnaire.

At the April 8th Pre-Conference Assembly in Rockland County, GSR’s and others will have the chance to share their groups’ conscience on these questions and leave their completed questionnaires in the box provided. The broader the participation by groups in this process, the better the delegate can represent the area at the Conference. (An electronic version of the questionnaire is available at in English and Spanish). When responding, attach additional pages as needed. A group does not have to answer a particular question if they strongly feel they have no opinion on it (please indicate “no opinion”, however). Please return only one questionnaire per group or service group (District or County General Service group). For those who cannot participate in the Pre-Conference Assembly, complete the questionnaire online or return completed questionnaires by mail to John W., SENY Delegate, 199 Lincoln Avenue, Box 318, Bronx, NY 10454 or scan/e-mail to Completed questionnaires need to be received no later than April 8, 2017.

Download the PDF's below or fill out the Form